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"Giorgio Suluguni" Restaurant

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Bongiorno! Gamarjoba!

Meet "Giorgio Suluguni": a restaurant with Italian expression and Caucasian soul. The perfect union of the hospitable Caucasus and chic Italy in the five-star Grace Imperial Hotel & SPA. The new cultural gastro-point is located in a mountain cluster, among the amazing landscapes of the Krasnaya Polyana resort. The place excites the appetite and sets you up for a bright rest within the walls of the restaurant.

Let's start with the interior. Black marble, natural leather, gold, spot color accents and discreet subdued lighting. “A rich life, it is different,” Giorgio Armani would say. He believed that clothes, accessories and even the interior should be of exceptionally excellent quality, mostly luxury. Everything is as the creators of “Giorgio Suluguni” planned: assorted khinkali are served here exclusively on designer gold trays, and fragrant khachapuri from the oven is served on a crystal dish.

Let's move on to the kitchen. Here guests are waiting for a real revelation. At the junction of khinkal vibe, khachapur luxury and Italian premium, extremely tasty and hearty dishes are born. Start with spicy ajapsandali and delicate vitello tonnato. Continue with springy khinkali and flavorful ossobuco in a thick Italian sauce topped with caramelized onions. And for dessert - airy tiramisu according to the precepts of Grandma Beatrice or traditional churchkhela from Aunt Nino. Menu sections with pasta and pizza will make it easier for those who are used to homemade Italian classics. The taste palette will be emphasized by carefully selected wines from the best regions of the planet Earth.

This is the perfect place for memorable dinners with friends, spectacular romantic meetings, luxurious brunches and even Après-ski dances to the iconic tracks of popular artists of yesteryear. And if you are tired after a long walk through the picturesque surroundings of Krasnaya Polyana, then the ideal solution would be to order dishes from the restaurant directly to the pool of the Grace Imperial Hotel & SPA - yes, and this option is more than possible. The maximum comfort of each guest and pleasure marked as “luxury” is the main goal of "Giorgio Suluguni".