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Finnish sauna

Planning the rest in Sochi or in ski resorts of Krasnaya Polyana, most people are looking for a hotel with sauna and swimming pool. What can be better than visiting Finish sauna after swift descents from the peaks of the Caucasus? Only the sauna at Imperial by Grace hotels & SPA!

Service of sauna at Imperial by Grace hotels

Besides relaxing effect finish sauna:

· Increases blood flow;

· Dilates blood vessels;

· Improves skin condition;

· «Cleans» the lungs;

· Improves the condition of the mucous membrane..

Furthermore sweating-room is considered to be the place for the prevention of acute respiratory diseases. And in conjunction with SPA massage, this is the best way to counteract various viruses and diseases!

The temperature of heating the air in the sauna of the Imperial by Grace hotels can reach 100 degrees. At the same time, we try to maintain an acceptable level of humidity (20%), which does not obstruct breathing.

It is worth noting that not only guests who have booked a room at the hotel can use the services of the sweating room. Moreover, each client receives:

· Individual lockers for storage of personal belongings;

· Access to a separate shower room with modern cabins;

· Soft bathrobes, new towels, disposable slippers

· Free parking place near the hotel;

· Access to high-speed connection to the network via WI-FI.

You can get more additional information, specify the current prices, or order a pass by telephone, in messengers or at the reception. Managers of the Grace Imperial are ready to answer any question that interests you!